Monday, July 18, 2011

A new friend shares her quilt pattern

Well, even though I am just starting to pack my household for vacating my home and I am still a couple of months at a minimum from physically leaving on my journey, new friends have already been found.

Isn't it great when you meet new people, and those new people are caring and sharing individuals.

So it is with the new friends that I am becoming aquainted with at .

This new place was opened up on the internet just as a number of us were losing our old place.  Due to the ...umm controling nature and evil spirit of a nameless internet terrorist, many of us nice quilting folk found ourselves without our daily interaction with other like minded people.  And, just in the nick of time, I was offered an invitation to join this new place.  So, day by day, we see our old friends finding our new home and joining us in the migration to a new soft place to land.

But thats not all.  We are finding new friends joining us too.  In just four weeks our membership has grown to almost 300.  The chat room is starting to fill up, especially in the morning while we all have our first cup of coffee and get ready for the day.   Except for the occasional new member that suffers a similar fate as we did,  it seems almost like the old place never existed at all.

And in this morning coffee chat is where I met the very kind person who shared todays FREE quilt pattern.

This is an old pattern, the Tumbling Block.  But Rebecca has prepared instructions for a new and inovative piecing technique to create it without the dreaded Y seam.  You will need a ruler with  markings for cutting a 60 degree angle, but that is about the hardest part of this pattern.. And, well, picking out the fabrics. 

Todays picture is a snipet from Rebecca's own quilt. 

A big "Thank You" goes out to Rebecca.  I hope you try this one and send me pictures of your blocks and quilts.  I will post them here on the blog.


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