Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fat Quarter Giveaway, winners

Thank you to all that came to visit my blog last week. 

I was celebrating by reaching 3000 pageviews in three months.  With the giveaway, I am well over 4000 in just one additional week.  Since the response was so great, I decided to give 2 sets of Fat Quarters.

Congratulations to 
bigmick and dsdashermom

I have sent you both an email.

Now, onward and upward.  We are just a day away from the first installment of the Beginners Block of the Month.  The first day we will talk about choosing fabric.  The post will include the yardage requirements for this quilt top.  I hope you come back and check it out.

Update: The first installment has been posted on the BOM page..have a look...

This will be and interactive project, so please, feel free to ask questions or give feedback using the comments section on the Block of the Month page.  I will check daily for your questions and to give me responses.

Thanks again for joining me on this journey!

Friday, January 20, 2012

3000 Pageviews - Lets Celebrate with a FREE FQ giveaway

When I started this blog, I had no idea where it would lead.. and I still don't.

I have so many ideas and so much work to do in order to provide a place where you all can come and share a bit about me and a bit about you.  Well, I have shared a bit about me and continue to try to do that on a regular basis, as I work to create a small business around my passions.

I am not going to kid you, this blog, while providing some freebies, is primarily a place to launch an income producing site, like just about every other blog and web site on the internet.  I believe that I should provide value for your business along with meeting your needs.

I am learning as I go along, and I am hoping that you will come along for the ride, no matter where it takes us.  I am making so many friends in so many places.  I added the world to the bottom of the page to see where you all are visiting from.  I also added a counter.

Today we hit 3000 pageviews after just a few months.

Im pretty excited about that as the content is slow for me to produce and post. By adding to it constantly, I hope to generate a nice following.

So, to that end and to celebrate what I think is a big deal, 3000 hits..

I am offering to some lucky person, or maybe even two lucky people a set of four fat quarters.. FREE!

Here is what you have to do to be eligible..

First, you must be a follower..that's easy, just click on the subscribe button and enter your information. Now, rest assured, I do not have access to any personal information and I will not send you any spam but your email is required for me to contact you if you are the winner.

Next, post a comment on this thread. Let me know how you like it so far.  One week from today, I will randomly choose the winner and post it here.  So, come back and see who it is.  If it is YOU, I will contact you at the email address you provided and the fat quarters will be flying out to you directly.

So, WELCOME to all of you !

Come one back from time to time for more sharing, more sewing, more friend making..and more free stuff...

Friday, January 13, 2012

I love it when someone is this happy...

with the work I have done for them.. Some of you may remember the recent post about the t-shirt quilt I did for a very special client.

She received the quilt yesterday and sent me this repsonse to the quilt today:

Dear Judy,

I picked up the box at the post office this morning. The quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Everyone at the Archaeological Research Institute is raving about it. They’ve convinced me to hang it in the lobby outside my office rather than on my own office wall, so that everyone can enjoy it all day. I love the cream and black pieced border and the running key stitching in red. The fabric choices you made to tie all the T-shirts together were perfect. The dropped shadow effect around each block adds so much depth to the overall appearance. The quilt is an amazing work of art, and we will cherish it as an heirloom. It’s great to have such a beautiful piece to celebrate the heritage of the Roosevelt Archaeology Project and ARI. Thank you for your creative eye and all your hard work.

You are welcome to post photos and my comments on your website and blogs now. My husband was here when I opened the box, and he thinks it’s a wonderful use of the Roosevelt T-shirts I had been saving for 20 years.

If you have some business cards you can send me, I would be pleased to hand them out when people who visit our lobby comment about the quilt. I’m sure it will become part of our tours of ARI from now on.

Since I am a historian and museum person, I would appreciate having you mail me a signed and dated letter documenting when, where and how the quilt came to be. You could mail it with your business cards.

And as a follow up, today she has asked for a label, how cool is that? 
In case you forgot, here is a picture of the quilt:

Friday, January 6, 2012

A New BOM project for beginning quilters

A topic was brought up on the quilting forum that I belong to, Quilting Haven.  It was about the fact that most of the things shared were by well established quilters and therefore a bit intimidating to those just starting on this journey.  They wondered where all the projects for beginners were located.

In response, I have designed this Beginners Block of the Month quilt.  I will be sharing the patterns and creating some tutorials for beginners.  You will be able to download the patterns, review the tutorials and work right along with us. 

I will give tips along the way that you can use or discard, whichever suits you.  See, we all work differently.  So what works for me might not work for you.  I encourage you to try.  Then, and only then, will you know if it is something you want to keep in your bag of tricks.

I also would love for you to post questions and your results in the comments area of this blog.  The BOM will have its own page so your comments about the quilt, the process or the tutorials can be posted right where we are working. 

So here we go.. this is the quilt I have designed to teach you the following techniques:

Accurate cutting and seams
Half Square triangles and sewing on the bias
Easy Flying Geese
Curved piecing
A little bit about color and contrast
and Mitered corners

So, when will this start?  Well, Im looking at Feb. 1 for posting the first set of instructions which will be the nine patch blocks and the tutorial about using your rotary cutters to get accurate pieces.  I hope you come along and join us..Introduce yourself in the comment section when the first set of instructions are posted and lets learn to quilt!