Friday, January 6, 2012

A New BOM project for beginning quilters

A topic was brought up on the quilting forum that I belong to, Quilting Haven.  It was about the fact that most of the things shared were by well established quilters and therefore a bit intimidating to those just starting on this journey.  They wondered where all the projects for beginners were located.

In response, I have designed this Beginners Block of the Month quilt.  I will be sharing the patterns and creating some tutorials for beginners.  You will be able to download the patterns, review the tutorials and work right along with us. 

I will give tips along the way that you can use or discard, whichever suits you.  See, we all work differently.  So what works for me might not work for you.  I encourage you to try.  Then, and only then, will you know if it is something you want to keep in your bag of tricks.

I also would love for you to post questions and your results in the comments area of this blog.  The BOM will have its own page so your comments about the quilt, the process or the tutorials can be posted right where we are working. 

So here we go.. this is the quilt I have designed to teach you the following techniques:

Accurate cutting and seams
Half Square triangles and sewing on the bias
Easy Flying Geese
Curved piecing
A little bit about color and contrast
and Mitered corners

So, when will this start?  Well, Im looking at Feb. 1 for posting the first set of instructions which will be the nine patch blocks and the tutorial about using your rotary cutters to get accurate pieces.  I hope you come along and join us..Introduce yourself in the comment section when the first set of instructions are posted and lets learn to quilt!

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