WIP, Bicycle Path Quilt

This page will document a quilt design effort that I am doing with one of my online friends.

You can read the original thread here: 


She found this antique quilt that she wanted to use as inspiraton for a new quilt.  One that she would make and give as a gift to a couple who are into bicycle riding.  The wheels reminded her of the bikes and the diamond pattern reminded her of the diamonds on the bike path.  So we have been working on settings and colors.  Here is the first try:

Well this was a good start, but it needs to be queen size. So, we added a few blocks:
Now that was pretty good.. but we tried a few other variations

And this is the final version:  We like it!

OK, I calculated the yardage for this quilt and it turns out to be 115 inches square.
That is TOO BIG.
So, I have changed it around a bit.. here is the new layout folks
and it comes out to be 100 inches square.

Next I will produce the pattern as a free downloadable pdf and you are welcome to use it for constructing your own version of the "Bicycle Path"  quilt.  As I am providing my work to you for free, please DO NOT reproduce the pattern for profit.  It is copyrighted by Cathy Clark Studios.

Here is the yardage amounts for the 100 x 100 quilt:

Bicycle Wheels Quilt, Yardage


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