Monday, August 22, 2011

OMG did I really wear that?

I have been sorting, packing and moving all my stuff.  This is a very hard task for me as I am a collector.
I collect lots of things. Vintage textiles is my passion as well as vintage sewing items, sewing machines, etc.

In downsizing, I am trying to determine the things that I value and enjoy the MOST!  This is a very difficult thing to do.  I have been thinking about what makes an item collectible.. Ill talk more about that in a day or so, after I have had a chance to mull it over in my mind a bit more.

So today, I came across a few items from my childhood and I thought you might enjoy them..

See if you remember too, these little fashions from the past.

First, my little Brownie uniform, complete with the socks, orange tie, and belt.

And who wore this?  Do you remember when polka dots were in fashion?  Well they come into vogue over and over again.. This particular time was about 1968.

 But the most interesting of all is this paper dress.  Yes, you read correctly. 

This is a PAPER dress. Vintage circa 1970

Monday, August 15, 2011

A quilt with connections

This is by far the oldest quilt in my collection.  It was made in 1807 for the marriage of Catherine Baer and John Myers.  I have done some genealogy research on this couple and will continue to research as time is permitted.  But today, I will share with you what I have found and pictures of this wonderful old quilt.

It is quite large.  I have packed it away for moving and forgot to measure, so will add the measurments later.

 The green is a beautiful color and is stiking as the little bit of color in the mostly brown quilt blocks.
 The chinz is in perfect condition, still retaining some of its shine.  I do not believe this quilt has ever been washed. It was made for a special occasion and probably only displayed once in a while, allowing for its amazing condition.
 The brown fabrics have deteriorated.. this one a little bit.. it is very fragile.
 But this one is almost gone...

 This little tag is hand stitched to the front and says "Sue Masters"
 And this label is on the back,  It is not known when, but apparently after the death of the couple.  Catherine died in 1875 and John in 1877.  The label says they are buried in South Hermatige, but I found them in Honey Brook Methodist Church Cemetery in Chester County, Pennsylvania.  A puzzle that remains to be unraveled.
It was made for the wedding of Catharine Baer and John Meyers which occured on Dec 25, 1808.
Catharine was the sister of John Baer who was a publisher in the colonial days of our country
He published Baers is a link to a site about him.

Catharine and John are not quite so famous. They lived their lives quietly in Lancaster, PA
There is no way to know who made the quilt, Mother of Catherine?  or Mother of John.
I am guessing mother of Catherine due to the comment about her famous brother John Baer.

John and Catherine lived back and forth between Honey Brook Twp, Chester Co, Penn and
Lancaster Co. Penn.  They married in Lancaster Co. and they are buried in Chester Co.

And on another note, I just found a link today for a fantastic quilting event commemorating the War of 1812.
There will be a quilt challenge and a showing of the quilts as well as ongoing historical information. Im looking forward to reading the posts and participating in the challenge.

You can read about it at  Check it out why don't you.

Monday, August 8, 2011

And so it begins...

I close on the house on Wed.  But the sellers agreed to let me get in early.  And they are leaving some of their stuff there till the end of the week.  Kind of like a meeting in the middle..

I have taken measurements of all the rooms and closets so I can plan where to put things.  What I knew, but now know better, is that there just isnt enough room for all my furniture and stuff.  What to do?

Anyway, today Im going over to start cleaning.  Im taking one of the dogs to get her aquainted with her new yard.

Then I will begin the long task of taking boxes over in my car.  That will  have to do until I can get some help with the big stuff.

Here are some before pictures.. Ill take after pictures when Im all moved in.  I spent a few hours cleaning inside the kitchen cabinets and the stove today.  So here we go

Here is the front of my house.

And here is the front door from the other side. 
This is the living room, lots of windows.

Here we are in the huge kitchen.  All my dining room furniture will be in here after the move.....

Bedroom Number one.. this will most likely be mine..
This is the hallway in the old part of the house.. Love the OLD hardwood

 This is bedroom Number two. It is at the front of the house. Windows on the whole front wall. This will be your room if you come to visit me..And where the bookshelves will go.
 And most important is the SEWING ROOM.. This is where my Long Arm and sewing machine will live.
Also a nice wall for hanging a quilt or two!

 Thats my little shed in the backyard.. There are three fruit trees, a stand of asparagus, a little strawberry patch, and blueberry and rasberry bushes..Tons of sunflowers that will have to go...
 This is the new home for the Model A.. garage..

 So, here is my new little town.. I have met three people, Karen, Peggy and Wanda.. This is the City Hall

 Local business, now closed.. Darn
 So I guess this is where we will hang out...the only viable business in town..Local Bar...
Well, thats it, you have been on a tour of my new town..

I will be working slowly, but surely, to get this little house clean and moved into..Next tour in a month..after all is put away...

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The things you find while packing.....

I'm a terrible packer.  I start sorting through stuff to pack and end up finding things that I haven't seen in a while.  Then I start playing with it.

So it is with my quilt collection.  I am boxing them all up in their archival boxes for the big move to my little house.  With each quilt I just want to touch  it, look at it, study it, wonder at it....

Today I came across a beauty that I would like to share with you here.  Eventually, I will document and share each and every one.  But until then, this little sneak peak into my collection will have to do.  I hope it temps you to come back in anticipation of more...

This beauty is made in the Pickle Dish style, but not like any other Pickle Dish quilt or pattern that I have found.  If you have one like it or if you have the pattern, please comment.  Better yet, contact me so we can document it.

If you look closely you will see that the end of the arcs are  made, not with a square, but with a diamond.  And the center piece extents past the arc into these four end pieces.  This makes a stylized flower in the connection points instead of the typical four patch block.  This give the quilt a bit more of the 1920s flapper style or art deco look.

It is entirely hand piece and hand quilted of those fabulous 1930s solids; Nile green, lemon yellow and lavender.

It is finished with perfectly round scalloped edges.

This quilt is in perfect condition.  It lays absolutely flat.  No wobbles of any kind.

How did they do it? 

Even with todays tools, I find this level of perfection elusive.