Monday, August 8, 2011

And so it begins...

I close on the house on Wed.  But the sellers agreed to let me get in early.  And they are leaving some of their stuff there till the end of the week.  Kind of like a meeting in the middle..

I have taken measurements of all the rooms and closets so I can plan where to put things.  What I knew, but now know better, is that there just isnt enough room for all my furniture and stuff.  What to do?

Anyway, today Im going over to start cleaning.  Im taking one of the dogs to get her aquainted with her new yard.

Then I will begin the long task of taking boxes over in my car.  That will  have to do until I can get some help with the big stuff.

Here are some before pictures.. Ill take after pictures when Im all moved in.  I spent a few hours cleaning inside the kitchen cabinets and the stove today.  So here we go

Here is the front of my house.

And here is the front door from the other side. 
This is the living room, lots of windows.

Here we are in the huge kitchen.  All my dining room furniture will be in here after the move.....

Bedroom Number one.. this will most likely be mine..
This is the hallway in the old part of the house.. Love the OLD hardwood

 This is bedroom Number two. It is at the front of the house. Windows on the whole front wall. This will be your room if you come to visit me..And where the bookshelves will go.
 And most important is the SEWING ROOM.. This is where my Long Arm and sewing machine will live.
Also a nice wall for hanging a quilt or two!

 Thats my little shed in the backyard.. There are three fruit trees, a stand of asparagus, a little strawberry patch, and blueberry and rasberry bushes..Tons of sunflowers that will have to go...
 This is the new home for the Model A.. garage..

 So, here is my new little town.. I have met three people, Karen, Peggy and Wanda.. This is the City Hall

 Local business, now closed.. Darn
 So I guess this is where we will hang out...the only viable business in town..Local Bar...
Well, thats it, you have been on a tour of my new town..

I will be working slowly, but surely, to get this little house clean and moved into..Next tour in a month..after all is put away...


  1. I really like your house! What a nice one. I am very happy for you.

  2. P.S. This looks like the Linwood Cafe in Linwood, Kansas. Nice place!!!

  3. Nettie, have you been there? If so, then Im just up the street, come for a visit..

  4. Judy your new place looks wonderful,so happy for you.

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