Ladies Art Co.

I chose the Ladies Art Company as my drafting project as it is one of the earliest quilt pattern printing and distribution companies. While I am learning to use my drawing programs to get the first pattern posted, I thought I would give a little history on this pattern company. And once I learn the process of drawing and publishing the patterns, they will come at a faster pace.

The Ladies Art Company was most likely the first commercial mail order quilt pattern company. They were located in St. Louis, Missouri and established in 1889 by H.M. Brockstedt.
The patterns were printed full size on heavy cardboard along with full size templates of the pattern pieces. They were hand colored and put in an envelope that was numbered to match the catalog.

The published catalogs that I have documented are as follows:

Diagrams of Quilt Sofa and Pin Cushion Patterns
1st Edition When was this edition published? At this time I do not have a copy of this edition nor any reference to when it was published.

*Fourteenth Edition with no copyright date (possibly 1906) containing 450 designs.

Miniature Diagrams of Quilt Patterns
*Second Edition that is dated 1897 containing 400 patterns.

Quilt Patterns, Patchwork and Applique
Published in 1922.
*revised in *1928 with 530 designs including 40 Applique patterns.
revised in 1934 with 531 designs
*Undated Edition that states the company was established in 1889.

* indicates that I own a physical copy

If anyone reading has any Ladies Art Company original patterns, catalog copies or other information on this company, please contact me.

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