Longarm quilting

I do Custom Quilts and Long Arm quilting.. Here are some pictures of my work followed by some feedback from my clients.  Please contact me to receive a quote for all your special sewing needs!

from Nancy, Jan 2012
"Now to the exciting part.... I found a gal on this board who does the machine quilting and there was a fantastic sale! I sent this to her and she designed a darling cloud pattern to quilt. How fantastic is that! When I got this home yesterday I was not only amazed at the design she carried out so beautifully but at the perfect workmanship on the binding. She machine sewed the front and hand stitched the back and it is amazing how perfect those hand stitches are! (I can barely sew on a button!) Judy or JCQuilting, as you all know her, is really really good and I highly recommend her, sale or no sale!"

from Kim, Jan 2012
"I picked up the box at the post office this morning. The quilt is absolutely gorgeous! Everyone at the Archaeological Research Institute is raving about it. They’ve convinced me to hang it in the lobby outside my office rather than on my own office wall, so that everyone can enjoy it all day. I love the cream and black pieced border and the running key stitching in red. The fabric choices you made to tie all the T-shirts together were perfect. The dropped shadow effect around each block adds so much depth to the overall appearance. The quilt is an amazing work of art, and we will cherish it as an heirloom. It’s great to have such a beautiful piece to celebrate the heritage of the Roosevelt Archaeology Project and ARI. Thank you for your creative eye and all your hard work. "

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