Friday, April 27, 2012

What's new?

I'm in one of those in between times.. in between finishing a project and starting another one. Here is the project that I just finished. I was given a set of nine tshirts commemorating the Roosevelt Project at Arizona State University. I worked with the owner on color and design elements and created this quilt for her.. then, I quilted it, bound it, added a label and a hanging sleeve. Now it is in the care of the United States Postal Service. It should be delivered to her tomorrow according to their tracking site.

I finishsed and gave the baby quilts to my Daughter in Law at the Baby Shower!

And I entered the McCalls Design Star 2012 contest with a quilt I made some time ago...
I hope you will all vote for me.. Ill post the link when voting starts on May 1

Also, I met a new blogger and added her to my blog list.. be sure and check out her blog at

So, whats next?  I am working on a quilt restoration for a client.  Ill post more about that later, but the biggest issue is finding matching fabric to replace the bad parts.  I did locate some vintage fabric, but, the quilt has faded over the years and so, doesn't match.. I am off to prepare a pot of dye lighten it up a bit.. and since I only have a small piece, I am holding my breath that I get it right...

Wish me luck..

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I quilt for our local Quilts of Valor group in Kansas City.  Yesterday I was so honored and pleased to be invited to help with a presentation of almost 600 quilts to the 4-4 Cavalry Squadron at Ft. Riley, Kansas.

The Squadron was 600 strong when they left over a year ago for a tour of duty in Afghanastan.  It was an especially hard tour with 143 wounded and receiving the Purple Heart and another 8 that perished.

Our regional Quilts of Valor leader headed up the effort to collect enough quilts to give every single soldier in the Squadron a quilt to welcome them home.

We came from Wichita area and Kansas City area to meet in Junction City.  We were escorted to Ft. Riley by the local police and the American Legion Riders.  The 600 quilts filled a large moving van.

What an honor to meet the young men and women who are putting themselves in harms way for us!
I can only hope that they remember this day and how much we care.

Each soldier was given the opportunity to choose their own quilt, then one of the quilters added their name to the quilt using permanent ink pens adding a personal touch to the presentation.

The following link reported by Lindsey Rogers from WIBW:

"These men and women did incredible. They faced a tough, entrenched Taliban enemy that had been there for many years. The Taliban there fought in places their fathers and grandfathers fought in against the Soviets in the 1980s," said 4-4 Cav's Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Mike Katona.

More pictures taken by Sgt Huggins at the event and posted on the 1st Div facebook page!/media/set/?set=a.385183334846217.94817.129814630383090&type=1

And more pictures taken by retired medic Mindy King: