Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Memories of Baltimore

I have spent the entire day trying to understand and act on my rights under the rules of loan modification and tying to gain information from the mortgage company concerning what took place and how to execute upon those rights.  This company continues to lie.  I learned that there is already a violation logged on the application and process for consideration for HAMP.  This violation was logged on the day before they sold my house.  I am totally spent, as I have been most every day for the past 60 - 90 days.  The goal, I am convinced, is to just wear the home owner out.  To send them off the scent long enough for them to loose those very precious rights.  Act one day too late and you have lost your rights.  They even told me that I didnt have any rights.  Geeze.

So, I am happy to just post more pictures of the Memories of Baltimore blocks:  
There are a total of almost 150 blocks, I will eventually post them all...
Each one is a little work of art, In total it is an amazing magical, emotion wrenching experience.

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  1. these are really very lovely.

    Is there a Law group in your area that is dealing with these loan modifications? here in our area, most home-owners with problems got to K.E.L group. They are huge, but I do not know if they would work out of state.


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