Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Memories of Baltimore

As I plan for my new life on the road I am beginning to let go of the stresses that I have been under for the past six years. When I think about all  I have been struggling with, it is so overwhelming that I wonder how I have been able to survive it.  I know that sounds dramatic, but seriously, it is true.

Stress is measured by the severity of life changing events.  All of the events I have experienced have been in the upper levels of the charts and I have been fighting them.  I have put away all of my projects that I wanted to do.  The Quilt Study Center and Research Library has been put on hold and may never get off the ground. I gave up the Maple Leaf Festival Quilt Show, which is the oldest quilt show in the State of Kansas. I gave up my quilt pattern documentation project and I gave up my participation in MOKA, the four state quilt study group.  I gave up my work to develop an online quilt study group.  And lastly, I gave up sharing the Memories of Baltimore quilts, giving them life beyond their inspired inception.

So now that I have no more choice to fight for my homestead, I am slowly letting go of that herculean effort and beginning to resurrect some of those old projects. 

While packing my quilts for storage, I came across the Memories of Baltimore quilts.  I reflected on them; what they represent. And I began to realize that I could have room for them in my camper.  I could take them with me.  I could have the time to spend on the documentation and  posting of their story.  I could even show them as I move around the country.  I could offer them up for viewing at fund raising efforts in the areas that I travel.

So, dear friends, I am putting this project at the top of the list.  I will be writing their story, posting pictures on my web site, and offering them (with me included) to events, quilt groups and shows for display. 

Stay tuned, as this is a story you wont want to miss.


  1. Looks Like a Great Project!!!!! How many quilts are involved?

  2. There are five. .If you click on the button at the top of the page, I will be continuing the story there.. with lots of pics


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