Monday, December 17, 2012

Well, with just one week to go before the family gathering, I am honing in on the end of the sewing for this season.

It's time to think about all the family and hope that they love, or at least like the gifts I have made.

I love making things and but I also know the heartache that comes with giving a hand made gift that you have put your heart and soul into, just to have it cast aside as not good enough or not right.  Many of  my quilting friends have experienced this and so, have had their feelings hurt.

You know, working for days on end to make the perfect quilt, just to find it lining the dogs bed or in the trunk of the car.  The thing is, those who do not make things often do not know the time and expense it takes to create that wonderful gift.  What is one to do?

Well, I have decided that I will make things and when I give them, I must let them go.  Just not worry any more about what happens to the gift.  It is, after all the act of giving that is important.  I am a giver. I love to give.  Now, I know that I love it more when the recipient thinks that it is as special as I do in the making.  And that is a wonderful feeling when it works out perfect on both sides..I love the making and they love the receiving. 
This year of meager funds has forced my hand to give ALL hand made gifts.  Some I know will be happy, others, not so much..

So here is what I aim to do..I will carefully watch as each person opens each gift. I will also see if it is ever seen again and where.  Then, committing that to memory will dictate what I will do in the future gift giving.  Those who do not care for or use their hand made gifts will get something else next time around. Knowing that the funds may be meager again next year, it just might not be much..but at least that little piece of my soul will be reserved for those who love their hand made things.

This is the very hard part of giving so much of yourself instead of shopping..

Well, Ill be back in about a week to share with you my recipe for the Christmas Eve dinner..

Corn Salad..

Made with things red and green, it is perfect for winter holiday meals..

Peace be with you..

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