Friday, December 21, 2012

Angel Gate Quilt, in progress

Most of the Chirstmas sewing is done..just two more small projects to go..

So I took a little break from that and sat with my pencil and paper to work a little bit on the
Angel Gate quilt. 

The Angel Gate is a commission custom quilt project that I have been working on for a little while now.  It is inspired by a photo of a gate in the shape of an Angel that is mounted in a brick wall at Bismorton Court in the Westershire, United Kingdom.

I have appliqued the gate onto the center of the top..

Then, I took pictures of the bedroom that will be surrounding this quilt as well as flowers in the yard.  I hope to incorporate these things into the finished piece.. These pink flowers are called Colonial Roses.  The look  like paper roses in person and are just beautiful. 

Here is my rough sketch for the border.
Then I opened the image with a paint program and started putting in some color.  I just wanted to see how it would look before I start in with fabric..
Well, it looked pretty good to me, so I colored the whole thing, replicated it, reversd the image, and put the two pieces together.  Now I have a representation of the whole border. It will be an 18 inch drop and run the 78 inch length of the quilt as well as across the width at the foot of the bed.
So, now its on to gathering up fabric to get on with this project.
I sure hope she likes the results of my labor!
Happy creating!


  1. I LOVE the results of your labor! Remember I gave you creative license to do it as an artist sees it & not as I might imagine. I KNOW your artist eyes can make it more beautiful than mine ever could. I will treasure this quilt just like I do the ones my mom has made for me. Happy sewing & Merry Christmas! Sandra

    1. Thank you for calling me an artist Sandra..I just hope the finished project meets the muster


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