Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas List...

With very little money to spend on the holidays this year, I have decided to give all handmade gifts..

Here is whats on my list, with only 24 days to get them done..
UPDATE,12/7 :  Well we are down to what, 17 days left.  I have had a bad couple of days and have been out of commision.  What a waste of time being ill is.  Now I have a lot to make up in a much shorter timeframe. Chug, chug, goes the train...
UPDATE, 12/13 : With only a little over a week to go, Im  working down the list, I sure hope I can get it all done in time. Two big projects and one small one left..and I need the 23rd for cooking...Im holding my breath here...

1 qt jar of home made bbq sauce   - Done
1 very large tree skirt for a 9 ft tree - Fabric in hand..time to get started.
two snoman table runners = Done and Done!

a KU Ipad tote bag - Done

a stuffed teddy bear made of minkee - Done 

bedroom drapes, this will have to wait till after the holidays..sorry D.
1 Harley quilt - Done

1 iron tote - Done and delivered..

1st annual christmas ornament for new grand daughter
fruit cakes for about six people, new tradition..dried fruit soaking in Rum..baking on Wed. Sat. boy that fruit has been soakin' in Rum for about a week now..that will be some boozy fruit cake.  Well, maybe it will make up for a shorter soak time after baking..
Done! Six fruitcakes out of the oven..

 and to share at dinner:
1 caramel pie, 1 corn salad, Grocery shopping done, ready for the big day.

and for me:
1 tub of hot buttered rum mix...Done, so yummy, bring on the cold weather!  Had my first cup on Friday evening..oh yeah!


Now all I need is someone to organize my time so that I can actually get it all done in time
Im very excited about these gifts, they are so much better than going shopping in the big crowds
at the local big box stores.

Happy Holidays to all of you.  I am hoping to build out this site in the coming year...
you know, New Year's Resolution and all...

I hope you will come along and I also hope that I can actually accomplish my new goals..

See you around the internet..


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