Monday, October 1, 2012

I am one of nine finalists in the McCalls Design Star Challenge 2012.

I have just finished my quilt.

This round's instructions were to design, create, quilt and bind a quilt based on the theme "Opposites Attract". This quilt is inspired by a photograph taken of my Grandfather's first meeting with my Daughter when she was one week of age. She is the only Great Grandchild that he ever met. The title of my quilt is "Love of the Ages" and, of course, the opposite is young and old. The attraction between the young and old seems stronger the more years there are between them.

The actual work on this quilt was started on Sept. 10 and finished on Sept 29. I also find it appropriate the my Daughter's birthday fell within that time frame.

The shirt is machine pieced and all the parts are applied to the background by hand applique. The background is hand quilted, the rest is machine quilted.

Voting starts Oct 2 and runs through Oct 21.

You can vote once a day from each computer and smart phone.

Please share the link with your friends.. I would love to win this round for my birthday!


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