Saturday, June 16, 2012

It's Done..

I finished the challenge quilt with two whole days to are some pictures of the work in progress;

These blocks are actually 8 inch blocks and all work together to make up the entire thing.
You will have to wait untill Tuesday for the finished piece.  Voting starts on the 19th and I will have a button to link you directly to the voting page so come on back for that.  You can vote once a day from each machine or smart phone.

Now, what to do next! 
I have a long list of projects to work on and blog about..

I have some new things I picked up at Quilt Market to tell you about,
I have a set of charm squares from Windham Fabrics to make a project from, then blog about
I have some new materials for making purses and tote bags.. thats going to be a lot of fun.

So, please come back to see where we go first.  I am in that end of a project slump where it is hard to get started on the next project.  Im waiting for the bug to hit me..

Meanwhile, my finances are taking a small turn for the better.  That means that hopefully I can plan a trip this summer to meet up with some of my online friends and do a little family research in the Indianapolis and Henry County, Iowa areas.

Also, in November I am once again going to Alabama to meet up with long lost and new found cousins from my Mom's side of the family.  I hope to write a little bit about that soon. 

I have just recently come in contact with a new found cousin in a completely different line and I am hoping to nuture that relationship too.  What a great thing the internet has been for finding these extended family members.

Well, Im off to clean my house a bit.. as it has not been touched in the two weeks that I have been slaving away on the McCalls Design challenge project.  I need to do laundry, Im down to my last pair of clean undies, so that is the highest of priorities..

Take care all of my online friends and come on back for some new stuff to read about and look at..

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