Friday, April 5, 2013

Whew, Im beat..

Lugged the frames from the storage unit to the library, sewed sleeves on quilts for three days, prepared supporting materials, created hand outs, made pretty labels..


With the help of a couple of great library staff, I hung the 200 Years of Quilting show in about 2 hours.

For all the trouble, only 20 people came to see them.  Not a single quilt guild member came.  This is a guild of 166 people.  So, Im not sure if they think my little town is out in the boonies and too far to travel to (8 miles from KC Metro, 8 miles from Lawrence)  or if there is just not any interest in the old quilts.  I just don't understand that because I have been known to travel 200 miles to see an old quilt!

But those who came were so VERY appreciative.  They stayed for a long time, studied the quilts, talked with me at length about the quilts and the quilt study.  It was good and I made some new friends.  That's what it is all about.  Sharing and introducing my passion with others, teaching someone something new that didn't know about before.  Three people want me to look at an old quilt in their posession.  I'm so very pleased.

Here a the not so great pictures I was able to get, sorry for the blurry ones.

So now its time to but them back in their archival boxes, find a new home for the racks and poles, take a little nap, and get back to sewing!

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