Friday, March 2, 2012

I am so deeply saddened today by the passing of our friend and fellow blogger Hosta.

What a lovely person.  I am happy that she left us peacefully in her sleep, that is the most each of us can hope for. But she is gone from us all too soon.  In spite of her physical difficulties, she was a trouper and kept right on trying to make every day the best day possible.  She was full of ideas and posted thought provoking topics often on our forum.

I enjoyed her in chat and was so happy that I was there to comfort her when she wanted so badly to be there for the birth of her grand child.  We waited on pins and needles with her in chat for the baby to come.  I am greatful for her and her family that she was able to make the trip to see the baby in person before this happened.

I know that she passed her caring and compationate ways on to her son, as she talked about him setting up a video cam on the baby so she could watch while it was sleeping.  That is above and beyond and he must be much like her to think of it.

This is a sad day ...

Sue Noll 3/25/55-3/1/12



  1. Thanks, it is nice to come back and read this every year. her son

  2. It is so good to hear that my post gives you comfort. Thank you for your comment. You have inspired me today.


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